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Welcome to Thot,
Thot, the french language awarding school for refugees and asylum seekers

Our teaching program

Learning sessions last 4 months, which is the amount of time deemed necessary to pass from one level to the next.

In order to ensure continuous attendance, sessions are always scheduled during times where adminstrative offices are closed (on weeknights and weekends).

Each learning session is comprised of 160 hours of class, tailored to suit the needs and levels of students.

Pour Tous
An FFL ( French as a Foreign Language) Program For All

We offer classes suited to every possible level of french.
We accept all-status learners : refugees, asylum-seekers, people placed under the Dublin procedure and others are all welcome.

Thot's classes are primarily aimed at those who have yet to reach the baccalaureate level. Integration structures are currently working to register post-secondary certificated people in universities and schools, we encourage them to contact the relevant charities.

An Excellent Standard of Teaching

All teachers at Thot possess an FFL degree and are therefore perfectly equipped to point our students towards the degree best suited to their projected level of language proficiency.
Our teacher team is currently full, we do not recruit. Thank you.
We try our best to hire teachers who also speak the students' language (Farsi, Pashto, Arabic, etc), in order to facilitate a quick-paced transition from one language to the next.

Rapide Innovante
A Fast and Innovative Education

Our teaching programs are built around the cultural and multilingual reality of our students :

Use of the syntactical and lexical reasoning inherent to known languages in order to create logcial bridge towards the French language.
Cross-cultural discussions

We combine various methodologies in our teaching program :

RFI and TV5 Monde's methodologies (in which all of our teachers are specifically trained)
mises en situation réelles des apprenants (remplissage de formulaires, démarches professionnelles ou administratives, échanges avec des interlocuteurs du quotidien)
Introduction to French cultural life (heritage and society), etc.

A French Proficiency Degree Recognized by the French State

Thot commits itself to accompanying students to the acquisition of the DELF Pro (which attests to one's ability to interact in a professional setting depending on the level of the langauge)
The degree is delivered after both a written and an oral exam. It therefore matches the requirements of an international degree, recognized by the French government.

Volunteers, we need you!

If Thot courses are so efficient, it is thanks to the combination of teaching by qualified professors and your intervention as tutors and companions.

All volunteers will be trained in the Thot methodology.
Their interventions aim to consolidate material covered in class, and range from tutoring sessions to other, inclusive activities (cultural activities, games, conversations...)

We ask the volunteers who want to work with Thot to be available 2 hours per week during 4 months

Les candidatures pour le bénévolat sont closes, nos équipes sont au complet.
Refugees and Asylum seekers:
Register at Thot
To be enrolled at Thot, you must:
pay a symbolic registration fee of 7€ at the final inscription stage
attend each class without exception
Registration for the classes from June to October is now closed . The next registration session will be on 9 October at 11am.« I want to register » button will be visible on this website and will lead you to the registration form. To access the form in another language, change the language on the top right of the page.
Our Mission: Expanding Horizons Everywhere
Why did we name the school "Thot"?

Thot was the Egyptian God that embodied the concept of Knowledge. His mission was to spread his knowledge, hence his invention of language. This symbol epitomizes our mission: to convey, through language, a possibility to all individuals to fulfill their potential, here in France.

Who Are We?

The Thot team was created over the course of various support and advocacy campaigns for refugees and " "asylum seekers. In spite of their diverse nationalities, their coequally harrowing stories, and their disparate social backgrounds, one, same question seemed to be on everyone's lips: "Where can we learn French?"

To this day, not a single recognised degree, free of charge and taught by qualified professors, has been offered to them. Our creation of the Thot school aims to fill this gap, putting an end to the absence of available language training for refugees and asylum seekers.

Judith Aquien, president
Héloïse Nio, vice-president
Jennifer Leblond, treasurer
Mariame Camara, Educational Manager

We will be happy to reply you
To contact us via email:
For informations about becoming french teacher at Thot :
(Our teacher team is currently full, we do not recruit. Thank you.)
For partnerships:
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Ils croient en nous, merci à eux !
Special thanks
Laurent Rivelaygue · Laure Dubuc · Thomas Grange · Javed · Hind · Ershad · Tina Bouffet · Axel Dreyfus · Louis Nordon · Thibaut Sardier · tchap

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