The school

Our manifesto : mission and values

To this day, we have not presented our key values. We have written a charter that is also a manifesto and a foundation for our values. We believe in these elements, and if we obviously allow ourselves to change and open our fields and opinion, the words presented below will remain an anchor for our school.

1 — Equality

Thot includes all persons, students or members of the team, in an egalitarian relationship of mutual consideration, dignity and respect. Thus, everyone is welcomed with kindness, regardless of gender, religion, nationality or legal status. We pay particular attention to treating everyone with equity, according to their needs and specificities.

2 — Respect

Thot welcomes people from various backgrounds. Everyone, student and member of the team, is responsible for their actions and has the right to respect for their opinions and cultural and religious differences. In the same spirit, Thot applies and transmits the republican value of secularism and makes sure to leave religious practice as such outside of school.

3 — Solidarity

At Thot, we believe that our positive impact on the outside world is in line with the quality of relationships and the fulfilment of individuals within the organization. We pay great attention to each other and we make the militant choice of welcoming exiled people into our society as a manifestation of a committed citizenship towards an inclusive vision of the other.

4 — Professionalism

Thot's multi-disciplinary and qualified team aims to support its students in learning French. We care about their well-being and have built a professional environment where everyone can find their place, while keeping the right distance that protects the students as well as the members of the team.

5 — Sharing

The strength of Thot lies in the sharing of knowledge, human exchanges, transmission of cultural keys by and for all actors and actresses of the school.

Thot is committed everyday.
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To expand the horizon of migrants, we created Thot, a french language awarding school for refugees and asylum seekers.