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Professional and intensive courses, to obtain a state diploma, valid for life.

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Who are we ?

The Thot team was created over the course of various support and advocacy campaigns for refugees and asylum seekers during summer 2015 in camps in Paris. In spite of their diverse nationalities, their coequally harrowing stories, and their disparate social backgrounds, one, same question seemed to be on everyone's lips: "Where can we learn French?"

So we created Thot to offer a certifying courses, given by qualified teachers, in a stable, specific and global training program, for refugees and asylum seekers with low educational background, and meet an constant increasing demand for training in FFL for this audience. Our school is located in Ile-de-France region.

Transmettre un horizon à tous

Thot was the Egyptian God that embodied the concept of Knowledge. His mission was to spread his knowledge, hence his invention of language. This symbol epitomizes our mission: to convey, through language, a possibility to all individuals to fulfill their potential, here in France.
Thot : Transmettre un Horizon à Tous (expand the horizon for all).

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Héloïse Nio, Judith Aquien et Jennifer Leblond, cofounders of Thot
Our educational program

The training sessions last 16 weeks with 14 hours of training per week.

A French as a Foreign Language (FFL) training for persons in exile who have yet to reach the baccalaureate level.

We provide courses for literacy, A1 and A2 levels. The school is intended for persons in exile who have yet to reach the baccalaureate level.

Training programs in Universities exist for high school graduates, which we encourage to contact Resome ( and Wintegreat (

A school based on the professionalism of the staff members

  • Thot's teachers are all graduates in FLE and qualified to lead our students towards a French diploma
  • A qualified team of artists leads the artistic workshop and supervises the cultural outings
  • The assisting and listening spaces, and guidance center are lead by professionals

Listening, assisting and helping spaces

The experience of exile is difficult. Involvement in intensive training with a low educational background is complex.

To help our students to be comfortable in our language, we must assist them to lighten the burden of exile. That's why we associate with our pedagogy with

  • 1 professional psychotherapeutic listening space
  • 1 social/administrative help space
  • the help of a lawyer specialized in foreigners' rights

Employment guidance to prepare the future

Thot's mission is to lead individuals to their social and economic autonomy. That's why we identify the most relevant training and employment opportunities for our students, taking into account their knowledge, their background and their personal aspirations, for 16 hours per training session:

  • Weekly workshops to explain French employment environment
  • Guidance for training and employment offers

A French proficiency degree recognized by the French state

Thot commits to lead its learners to obtain the DILF, DELF A1 or DELF A2.

It is issued after a written exam and oral examination center, and therefore corresponds to an international diploma, recognized by the French State.

An innovative and adapted educational program

Thot's pedagogy has been tailor-made and written to best suit and meet the specific needs of our students:

  • Learning FFL starts from the everyday situations encountered
  • The students' original languages are the starting point to make the French learning process easier
  • The learning sequences can evolve according to their relevance in the learning process
  • Classes are organized according to students' oral and written level
  • Reading workshops are set up to help the students who encounter specific difficulties
Mariame Camara et Imaad Ali, fondateurs de la pédagogie
Our team
Bérénice Geoffray
Héloise Nio
Agnieszka Calka
Jennifer Leblond
Issouf Ag Aguidid
Damien Carême
Ikhlass Jumaa
Sophie Bilong
Pauline Husy
Alexandre Gautier
Félix Guyon
Délégué Général - Référent Handicap
Johanna Pélissier
Eléonore Rezkallah
Coordinatrice pédagogique
Sonia Garcia
Chargée d'accompagnement socio-professionnel
Tan Tieu
Chargé de projets
Isabel Loyer
Coordinatrice pédagogique
Clara Robaye
Lucile Coneau
Pauline Bastien
Pierre Werey
Nicolas Duperron
Rizlane Merioul
Isabelle Jovanovic
Mathilde Lebréquer
Thiaki Sakamoto
Cristiana Obreja
Hanae El Bakkali
Psychothérapeute - formations et projets
Marianne Piérot
Avocate en droit des étrangers
... And many bright volunteers who help daily for the quality of teaching and other missions of Thot.
Thot is committed everyday.
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To expand the horizon of migrants, we created Thot, a french language awarding school for refugees and asylum seekers.