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Teachers and volunteers, let's get to know each other better !

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We recruit professors on their excellence
We are looking for a teacher !

Thot's teachers are all qualified in FFL and able to lead our students to the degree corresponding to their goal in France

Speaking the language of the students (mainly Farsi, Pashto and Arabic) is a plus but is not as necessary as an qualification with a low educated public.

To join Thot as a teacher of French as a Foreign Language, send an email with CV and motivational letter to Jobs are based in Saint-Denis.

څنګه کولي شى رضاکار شئ؟
Thot is effective thanks to the combination of teaching by qualified teachers and your intervention as tutors. Several types of volunteering are possible:

په ښوونځي کې رضاکاران

Applications for volunteering are closed

Our team is currently full for this session. Let's meet here or on our Facebook page if you want to become a volunteer for the next training session.

Volunteer for the association

If you want to help the association Thot in its organization because you have communication, fundraising, graphics or other wonderful skills to share with us, contact us on the contact form. We will respond as soon as possible.

توت هره ورځ ژمن دی
مونږ سره پاتي شي
د مهاجرينو د بياوړتيا لپاره مونږ د فرانسوي ژبي مكتب جوړ كړ تر هغي چي مهاجرين تري فايده واخلي